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Member Benefits and Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteer members share their time and expertise to provide the following services to other members:

    1. Rides for shopping, health care appointments, social events, etc.

    2. Assistance with tasks around the home, e.g. minor repairs, snow shoveling, gardening, plant watering, etc.

    3. Grocery shopping or other errands

    4. Help with computers and other electronics

    5. Friendly contacts through social visits, regular phone contact, reading aloud, company for an event

    6. Emergency pet care

    7. Support with meal preparation and bill management

As a member of CWV you are asked to find an area(s) where you feel you could be helpful to other members and volunteer your expertise and/or time to some of the activities listed above.


We also have developed opportunities for people to share time together

     1. Monthly group trips to local ethnic eateries

     2. A book group that shares books the relate to aging

     3. Quarterly events bringing experts on aging issues to share their expertise with us