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 A brief history of our Village: 
The Cleveland Westside Village began in 2013 out of discussions of neighbors who are either retired or approaching retirement about what we need to allow us to live, thrive, and contribute to our community as we grow older.  At the beginning the group consisted of people who lived in the Ohio City, Detroit Shoreway, and Cudell neighborhoods and Lakewood.  We studied this issue through reading, small group discussions, consulting with people in other communities, and attending national Village to Village network meetings. 

We decided that an all volunteer “Village model” would be our approach to addressing the issues that face us as we grow older here.  This Village model promotes the values of mutual support among neighbors, awareness of our interdependence, and a sense that all people have gifts to share.


 Timeline of CWV development

2014 Obtained non-profit status from IRS

2016 Ethnic dining begins

         Book group begins

         Joined Village to Village network (VtV) 

         Three members attended national VtV network meeting in Columbus, OH             

         Received Organizer's and Allies grant

         Applied for Neighborhood Connections grant


         Received Neighborhood Connections grant

         Obtained liability and board insurance

         Purchased Helpful Village software for website creation

         Began providing services to each other in a limited way

         Applied for a second year of funding from Neighborhood Connections


         Fully implemented online service matching program

         Held 3 educational sessions for community

         Completed village brochure

         Obtained Neighborhood Connections grant to begin membership campaign in 2019


         Held first sponsored membership event at Superelectric pinball parlor

Today we are a 25 member all volunteer organization striving to develop our vision of a mutual aid society dedicated to helping each other live well and joyfully within our community.

If these are ideas you share, join us at one of our events and contribute to our development!

Village brochure can be accessed here.